The Global Winter School Edition III

The Global Winter School Edition III

Step into a world of exploration and discovery at the Global Winter School Edition III. We were thrilled to offer an unparalleled opportunity for curious minds worldwide to delve into the intricate dynamics of society in our transformative learning experience.

Empowering Global Minds: The Evolution of Global Winter School

Reflecting on the resounding success of our previous editions, it’s clear that the Global Winter School is more than just a program—it’s a catalyst for change. With participants hailing from over 20 countries and a track record of impactful contributions across various sectors, our alumni embody the program’s ethos of empowerment and innovation. But we’re not resting on our laurels; instead, we’re determined to elevate the upcoming edition to new heights of excellence.

Journey of Exploration and Empowerment

In a world characterized by rapid progress and profound societal shifts, understanding the intersection of technology, culture, and society has never been more crucial. The Global Winter School recognizes this urgency and offers a diverse array of programs and tracks to explore the complex tapestry of human interaction in the digital age.

Our carefully crafted curriculum brings together leading experts, forward-thinking innovators, and eager learners to tackle pressing questions and envision bold solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, a budding researcher, or simply someone with a passion for understanding the world around you, there’s a place for you in our inclusive and dynamic community. From exploring the ethics of artificial intelligence to unraveling the intricacies of global cultural exchange, our specialized tracks cover a wide spectrum of themes designed to spark curiosity, foster collaboration, and inspire action. Are you ready to join us on this journey of exploration and empowerment? The Global Winter School awaits, ready to ignite your imagination and fuel your passion for positive change.

The Global Winter School features multiple specialized tracks that cover a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to below themes:

Themes for the Event

Change challenges us to break free from comfort zones and embrace new possibilities.

Women In Action

Site of visit: Shelter homes for women, women police station, some artisan (cloth making, bangle making etc) units headed by local women.

Social Stratification Decodified.

Site of visit: Village tours of Gujjar community, Bhil, and other subcaste and tribal groups, Astrology museum, and a sample of ancient Brahmin house.

Social Change Through Education

Site of visit: Government and private schools in rural and urban areas (for a comparative study).

Unearthing Culture

Site of visit: Witnessing an archaeological site 50kms from Pali,( unexcavated underground city, dating back to 11th century), the Somnath Temple (constructed in the year 1152), Pali State museum.

Governance At Grassroots

Site of visit: Municipal corporation, Gram Panchayat(Village Council), attend a Gram Sabha (a village meeting), interaction with Sarpanch (Head of the village).

Bridging Cultures, Inspiring Futures

The Global Winter School Edition III by Cultural Bridge

Uniting diverse students, fostering cultural exchange, and empowering global unity through impactful learning experiences.