Internships In India

Explore India’s vibrant culture through enriching internships and volunteer programs. Join us for a transformative experience!

Our Curated Process

India’s diverse landscape beckons for impactful contributions. Bridge Cultures streamlines your journey, ensuring meaningful and enriching travel experiences.


We kick off with a dialogue, delving into your interests and aspirations, shaping your personalized journey.


We match your interests with the perfect organization, ensuring a seamless start to your meaningful journey.


Our intensive onboarding equips you with everything essential for a smooth and fulfilling stay.

India: Land of Endless Opportunities

India beckons as a premier destination for internships and volunteer programs, renowned for its hospitality and vibrant startup culture. From its diverse landscapes to its rich cultural tapestry, India offers a transformative experience blending professional growth with spiritual enrichment. Embrace yoga’s timeless wisdom, savor the tantalizing flavors of Indian cuisine, and immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates unity in diversity. Whether pursuing self-discovery or seeking professional development, India promises an unforgettable journey of exploration and enlightenment. Open your heart to India’s treasures and embark on a life-changing adventure that transcends boundaries and reshapes perspectives.

Tales from the Internship Trenches: A Chronicle of Growth

Explore our each twist and turn at Cultural Bridge’s Indian internship which fosters growth, resilience, and creativity, shaping our future professionals.

Bridging Horizons: The Inauguration of Cultural Bridge

In December 2016, Cultural Bridge inaugurated a new era of Indo-German collaboration, fostering ties through art, education, and innovation.

From Intern to Artist: A Tale of Sustainable Creativity in Rajasthan

Embarking on an internship journey in Rajasthan, Alex, a German art student, finds himself navigating unexpected challenges and discovering his true artistic voice.

Harmony in Diversity: A Musical Journey in Pali

A German student’s internship in Pali sparks a unique musical collaboration, blending Hindi and German to celebrate unity in diversity

Breaking Taboos: Empowering Girls through Menstrual Hygiene in Pali

Two dedicated researchers in India uncover the critical gap in menstrual education, advocating for proper hygiene and disposal awareness among girls.

Our Programs

Choosing projects abroad that resonate personally and emotionally amplifies fulfillment, fostering deeper commitment and yielding richer experiences in internships, volunteering, or courses.



An international internship offers a golden opportunity to elevate your career trajectory. Gain invaluable experience, broaden your skill set, and cultivate global perspectives for professional advancement.


Courses and Learning

Invest your talents where they matter most – Volunteer! Make a meaningful impact, fostering positive change while gaining invaluable experiences and expanding your horizons.



Ready to expand your horizons and cultivate new skills? Explore our diverse course offerings tailored to empower your personal and professional growth.

Facilities and Guidelines

Travel Essentials

Our number one priority is making your trip safe and hassle free, so that you can concentrate on the work you are here to do and enjoy your stay. This checklist will help you prepare and facilitate a smooth transition to India.


Before traveling to India, contact your local Indian embassy at least four weeks in advance to apply for your visa. It typically takes 8-10 working days for tourist visas to be issued, and longer for other types. Apply for a multiple-entry visa, which costs the same as a single entry, to facilitate re-entry if needed. Obtain your visa before booking flights to avoid complications. Alternatively, consider flight insurance. Once your tickets are booked, send us your itinerary for pick-up arrangements and keep us updated on any changes.


Every volunteer and intern must have travel insurance to cover medical emergencies, trip cancellations, loss of property, weather and natural disasters and so on. Having insurance will also allow you to relax and not worry about unexpected accidents or losses. Kindly arrange for travel insurance on your own.


Make copies of important documents: passport, visa, invitation letter. Share digital copies with family/friends and keep accessible online. Carry copies for registration, accommodation. Bring necessary tools for internship/volunteer work.


If you are a student, make sure to carry your university student ID and an international driver’s license in case you want to rent a car or bike and drive by yourself. Bringing your student ID can also get you discounts in several well known sites.


Visit your healthcare provider about 6 weeks before your departure to schedule any possible vaccinations. It is a good idea to start this process early as some vaccines take up to 4 weeks to be effective or require several visits. Routine vaccinations for India include Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid, Rabies and Polio. Antimalarial drugs may also be recommended for visiting certain parts of the country.


It is always useful to carry multiple copies of passport-sized photos when you travel. Passport photos may be required for things like getting a SIM card, registering for trips, etc. Bringing 3-4 passport photos from home will save you the time of arranging for them once you are here.


Also make sure to bring any prescription medicines you normally take, as well as over-the-counter diarrhea medicine, dehydration powder, a basic painkiller, antiseptic wipes, sunscreen and a quality insect repellent. All these items are easily available in India but it never hurts to have them with you until you get to know your way around.
Also, all common prescription or over-the-counter medicines are available in India but the name of the medicine may vary. For this reason, make sure to note the Indian version name of any necessary medicine so you can get it easily after you’ve arrived.


Activate your cards for international withdrawals. Sometimes banks may block credit/debit cards when using ATMs in India thinking it could be a fraudulent transaction. For this reason, we suggest you inform your bank in advance about your trip to India.
All Indian airports will have ATMs for you to withdraw cash when you arrive. Most commonly, they are located in the arrival hall after baggage claim. Usual withdrawal limits are 10,000 INR with a 250-400 INR transaction fee for foreign cards. On arrival, we recommend you withdraw or carry 10,000 INR in case any issues arise when trying to withdraw money during the first week of your stay. In general it can also be helpful to carry 100-150 USD in $10 or $20 bills when you arrive. They can be exchanged at any exchange office should anything happen to your cards.


The electricity voltage in India is 220 volts AC and the electrical plugs are rounded, i.e. the same as in Europe but different from North America. For people traveling from countries with lower voltage conditions it can be helpful to carry a voltage converter for small electrical gadgets like shavers etc. that you want to bring from home. An adapter may also be necessary if your electrical devices don’t have rounded plugs


Ensure that you have a working sim card on your phone, enabled with international data, upon your arrival. Wifi is not widely available in some parts of India and an international data plan is useful in case of emergency or to use apps such as WhatsApp and Uber.
If you are staying for a longer period of time, it is significantly cheaper to use a local SIM card. We can provide you with a local sim card on request.


Decide on 1-3 people to be your emergency contacts while you are away. Having at least one emergency contact is necessary. Before leaving, communicate with this person so he/she knows she is your emergency contact. Possibly also share you itinerary/essential documents with this person. Before departing, please share the details of your emergency contact with Bridge Cultures and the company you are working with. That way, if an unlikely event occurs, it will be easy for us/your employer to communicate with each other and your emergency contact(s)


Depending on your port of arrival in India do a search or reach out to us to know if there are any common on-arrival scams in the area. Scams including unofficial, overpriced cab rides are becoming much less common across India, but if in doubt don’t hesitate to double check. You don’t have to spend too much time researching possible common scams before going as you’ll likely learn about relevant ones after you arrive.


Bring things you appreciate from home, including favorite treats, TV shows, movies, etc. As you adjust to a new day-to-day in India, small things like these from life at home can provide much appreciated familiarity and comfort.
In case you are not living with a host family, also bring or buy your own towels, soaps, toilet paper, shampoos, antibacterial wipes and other personal care items. In case you have any favorite brands, carry them from home. Bed sheets, blankets and pillows will always be provided.
We recommend bringing/buying a pair of ear plugs to help you block out excessive noise in some parts of India. Some places can get very noisy, during peak hours, festivals etc. Earplugs can help prevent loud noise when you don’t want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Associations

Cultural Bridge thrives on fostering connections and collaboration across a diverse network of organizations, universities, and individuals. Join us as we continue to build bridges and cultivate mutual growth and enrichment together.

Indo German young leadership
Central Academy Pali
Ramdeo college of management and science
Young Indian CII


Living in India has been a transformative experience for me. Immersed in a culture vastly different from my own, I’ve been constantly learning and adapting. Thanks to Bridge Cultures, I secured an internship at Smarter Dharma, where I’ve gained valuable experience in policy research and creation. Beyond my day-to-day tasks, interacting with colleagues has broadened my understanding of this vibrant society. Settling into life in Bangalore has made me more flexible, resilient, and well-informed about this fascinating part of the world.

Zoe Papastoitsis
Northeastern University, USA

Through Cultural Bridge, I landed a co-op at EcoShelter, delving into sustainable roofing for low-income households in India. They not only facilitated my professional growth but also integrated me into Ahmedabad seamlessly, arranging my stay with a wonderful host family. From exploring the city to celebrating festivals and embarking on trips, every moment has been enriching. Their support has made them feel like family, and I’ll miss them when I leave in December. Grateful to Cultural Bridge for this opportunity, I encourage others to explore India.

Peter Teodorescu
Northeastern University, USA

I connected with Cultural Bridge on LinkedIn, where I met Vishnu Sir, the organization’s founder. After several Skype calls, I chose to spend time in Rajasthan, assisting him with business design activities. Vishnu Sir not only introduced me to the region’s highlights like markets and temples but also provided invaluable guidance and support throughout. Our time together was truly enriching, and I’m grateful for his mentorship. This experience has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, embracing new cultures and people, enriching both my professional and personal life.

Filippo Scorza