Executive Team

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

Dr .Vishnu Ramdeo

Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo is the Director of the Ramdeo College of Management and Science, where he has distinguished himself as a renowned scholar and visionary leader in the field of higher education. Holding a Doctorate in Economics, a Master’s in Business Management, and a Law degree, Dr. Ramdeo’s multifaceted expertise has empowered him to lead transformative initiatives. He is fellow of Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung and as a recipient of the prestigious German Chancellor’s Fellowship, he has leveraged his extensive knowledge to foster collaborative partnerships between Indian and European Union institutions, with the aim of enhancing educational systems. Furthermore, Dr. Ramdeo’s entrepreneurial endeavors include founding the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum, Cultural Bridge, and Cyber Secura Private Limited, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to cultivating cross-cultural exchange and technological advancement. Through his visionary leadership and scholarly accomplishments, Dr. Ramdeo has cemented his position as a distinguished figure in the realm of higher education.

Lilli Trebs

Lilli Trebs, a second-year MA student from Germany, is currently pursuing her studies in the Global Studies Program at Humboldt University. She holds a BA degree in International Relations and Communication Sciences from the University of Erfurt. Alongside her passion for addressing social inequality, her academic focus revolves around religion and non-Western philosophy/theory. With experience in governmental and non-governmental institutions in immigration in Germany, she has further enriched her understanding through studies, residence, and work in Turkey and Egypt.

Dr. Niharika Raizada

Dr. Niharika Raizada is an Assistant Professor at Christ University, India with a remarkable academic track record and dedication to advancing knowledge in her field. With a keen interest in the intersection of human rights and cyber laws, Dr. Raizada’s work stands as a beacon of insight into the complexities of protecting individual freedoms in the digital age. Her prolific publication record attests to her expertise and commitment to scholarly inquiry, enriching both academia and policy discourse. Through her teaching, mentorship, and advocacy, Dr. Raizada inspires future generations of scholars to engage critically with pressing issues of rights and responsibilities in the digital realm.

She has contributed significantly to the academic community through numerous research papers published in peer-reviewed journals and books. An avid reader and passionate researcher, Niharika’s primary focus is on human rights and cyber laws, specializing in the protection of rights over digital platforms. She firmly believes in the transformative power of rigorous research and steadfast commitment in shaping effective policies.

Pranjal Srivastava

Pranjal Srivastava, a PhD scholar at Rashtriya Raksha University in India, is a distinguished expert in the field of Cyber Security. Drawing on his extensive academic and professional background, Srivastava has firmly established himself as a thought leader in this critical domain. As an alumnus of the prestigious C-DAC, Srivastava currently serves as an Information Security Engineer at BMC Software, while also having previously held the position of Consultant for Digital Trust and Compliance at KPMG and the Government of India. Srivastava’s expertise is further complemented by his roles as a visiting faculty member at the Central Detective Training Institute in Jaipur and the Police Training School in Jodhpur. Holding a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and an ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certification, Srivastava is deeply committed to fortifying the cyber realm, recognizing the inherent human right to security. Additionally, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum and Cultural Bridge, underscoring his multifaceted contributions to the field.

Akshay Barik

Akshay Barik is a distinguished political strategy consultant at the Indian Political Action Committee. Holding a postgraduate degree in Globalization and Labor Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, he brings a deep understanding of socio-economic dynamics to his work. As a former German Chancellor fellow and guest researcher at the International Labour Organization, Geneva, Akshay has honed his expertise in international affairs. Beyond his professional endeavors, he passionately engages in cultural diplomacy through painting, singing, dancing, acting, and calligraphy, enriching diverse spheres of expression.