Cultural Bridge is a non-profit organization, founded in 2015 by Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo as part of his German Chancellor ‘s fellowship and within the Institute of Area Studies of the Humboldt University of Berlin, under guidance of the Institute ‘s Director, Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein.

Since then we aim to foster a mutual knowledge transfer between India and Germany through cultural exchange programs in both countries.  Inaugurated in the Indian Embassy of Berlin, Cultural Bridge has send many students to India, to participate in cultural exchange and internship programs, as well as in social and research projects. In 2018 we are looking forward to start hosting Indian students in Germany as well, to fulfill our promise of a holistic, cultural exchange program.

What sets us apart from other cultural exchange programs is our strong focus on the expectations and requirements of the individual and the high demand on ourselves to create an environment which is familiar and open-minded. Every program can be customized according to the interests and expectations of each participant.

Furthermore, we intensively integrate our participants in the local life in Germany or India, not only by supporting them in their projects, but also by ensuring that they get in contact with locals considerably and get to know regional institutions. Giving all those opportunities, we provide a broad insight and understanding of the living conditions on the ground.

In our opinion there is, especially in the modern and globalized world we are living in, nothing more important than fighting intolerance, stereotypes and eurocentric ideologies. We believe that this can especially happen through respectful and progressive intercultural encounters and communication.

Cultural Bridge. Connecting Cultures. Changing Perspectives.

Namasté - नमस्ते - Welcome

Cultural Bridges mission is to foster cultural exchange between Germany and India while meeting each other on an eye level. We aim to contribute a better understanding of each other’s culture by reflecting own perspectives and learning from each other. Focussing especially on mutual knowledge transfer and constantly learning from each other, we aim to develop social projects which are characterized by their sustainability. We encourage young people from both countries to join one of our various internship programs to access practical work experience, increase intercultural and professional competencies skills and share each other’s way life. To create a personal, familiar environment for the participants and the local project partners, we focus on the targeted exchange with especially one region. Bridge the Distance. Join our internship or Gap Year Programs in India!
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