Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein

Dr. Boike Rehbein (1965 – 2022)

Dr. Boike Rehbein, born in Berlin on February 18, 1965, was a distinguished scholar and educator renowned for his profound contributions to sociology, philosophy, and global studies. His academic journey traversed prestigious institutions across Europe, shaping his expertise in social inequality, globalization, and critical social theory.

With a doctoral thesis exploring the intricacies of understanding human interactions and a post-doctoral thesis delving into globalization processes in Laos, Dr. Rehbein established himself as a leading authority on global dynamics and social structures.

Inspired by the intellectual legacy of Pierre Bourdieu and other eminent thinkers, Dr. Rehbein’s research repertoire encompassed themes of symbolic domination, capitalist society, and the evolving landscape of global South. His seminal works, including “Globalization and Inequality in Emerging Societies” and “Critical Theory after the Rise of the Global South,” continue to illuminate scholarly discourse worldwide.

Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Rehbein was committed to fostering academic exchange and transcending disciplinary boundaries. He held esteemed visiting professorships across diverse cultural landscapes, nurturing collaborative networks and promoting social science education globally.

As Director of the Global Studies Program at the Institute for Asian and African Studies (IAAW), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dr. Rehbein played a pivotal role in shaping the academic landscape and nurturing young minds. His passion for education extended beyond traditional university settings, as evidenced by his efforts to establish online institutes in Brazil and India, empowering marginalized communities through accessible education.

Dr. Rehbein’s legacy transcends his scholarly achievements; he will be remembered fondly for his unwavering dedication to teaching and mentorship. His genuine enthusiasm for understanding societal complexities and his profound sense of humor endeared him to students and colleagues alike.

The passing of Dr. Boike Rehbein leaves an irreplaceable void in the global academic community. In honor of his life’s work and vision, we remain committed to advancing educational opportunities and perpetuating his legacy through initiatives like the Global Winter School, ensuring that his transformative impact endures for generations to come.