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“This is indeed India; the land of dreams and romance, of fabulous wealth and fabulous poverty, of splendor and rags, of palaces and hovels, of famine and pestilence, of genii and giants and Aladdin lamps, of tigers and elephants, the cobra and the jungle, the country of a thousand nations and a hundred tongues, of a thousand religions and two million gods, cradle of the human race, birthplace of human speech, mother of history, grandmother of legend, great-grandmother of tradition, whose yesterdays bear date with the mouldering antiquities of the rest of the nations—the one sole country under the sun that is endowed with an imperishable interest for alien prince and alien peasant, for lettered and ignorant, wise and fool, rich and poor, bond and free, the one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of all the rest of the globe combined.”—Mark Twain, Following the Equator, 1897

India is a country which can charm you with its hospitality and at same time disturb you by its huge gap between rich and poor. The 7th largest state on the earth is bursting with a sheer variety of impressions and contrasts, which cannot be grasped within a single visit (if a lifetime..). Hardly any other country is as diverse as India in terms of landscape, culture, ethnicities, religion, languages and politics.

It is home to sculptured temples which date back thousands of year even before Christ, the Taj Mahal - one of the wonders of mordern world - , modern architecture and skyscrapers, and prevalent slums. An astonishing variety of geographical features await you - from stretches of eternally frozen glaciers, deep rain-forests, fertile valleys, blistering deserts, and palm sprinkled silvery beaches. At the same time it is bursting with a sheer abundance of culture being an ancient land. The Neolithic Indus Valley civilization, nearly 4500 years old, extended much over western India. Great religions were born, vast empires rose and fell; and waves of invaders repeatedly attacked India for its treasures.

Nowadays, you can find another language variety, dress and food about every 100 km. To experience the country, you need to be ready to dive into its cosmos of extremes, a world whose daily agenda is still governed by century-old rituals and customs whilst simultaneously undergoing rapid changes and shaping the future.

You can love it, or hate it or get challenged by it, but no one can come back indifferent if you stayed more than just a few days. Come and experience a unique, diverse culture!