Marilina De Matteis

Ocean lover, yoga teacher, and student, alignment enthusiast. Pranayama and meditation are her favorite morning routine.
Marilina’s yoga journey started more than 10 years ago, the more she dived into the yoga world the more she discovered it was a way of living that naturally resonated with her. She never stopped practicing since then, she left her corporate job and started teaching yoga full time. After traveling around Europe for many years, she now lives with her partner and dog in a small village in the south of Portugal, surrounded by nature.

Instagram: @yogawithmarilina

Urmila Rao

Urmila Rao is a Dubai-based energy worker, a meditation coach and a healer.

She is a chakra balancing meditation coach, a yoga practitioner and a forgiveness teacher.  She is certified in ThetaHealing® practice and Tibetan Bowls sound healing.
She writes extensively on the above subjects in her column, ‘‘Meditate with Urmila’, which appears in Dubai-based newspaper ‘Gulf News Tabloid!’ every week.
Urmila makes her daily life joyful and lives in freedom by embracing the power of Intention, Affirmation and Manifestation (I.AM) which she equates with Aham Asmi. (I AM.)

Linkedin:  Urmila Rao (Energy worker)  
Instagram:       thetaholistichealing (Urmila Rao)
FBpage:  @thetahealingworkdubai
Twitter:     @RaoUrmila
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Nadja Haas

Born 1970 in the very heart of Germany, Nadja soon found herself drawn into the arts. She is not only a dancer and poet but also a life coach, teacher, healer, and performer.
Nadja´s work process is focused on installations, drawing, writing, dance, and performance. Her work is based on several original versions. She examines the tension between performance and traditional text/images, structures, and processes.

Rahul Verma

An alumnus of Amity University’s Physical Education Department, having 7+ years of experience as a coach with U-19 Cricket.
Rahul Verma participated in International Conferences related to physical education and trained kids for Yoga.

Instagram: @rvfitacademy

Garima Vardhan

Dedicated to reform the lives of rural communities through Yoga. She has been practicing Iyengar yoga for the last three years and runs her own Iyengar studio (Shakti Yoga Mandir) in Haridwar- India.
Her teaching style focuses on right body alignment, mindfulness and staying long in one posture

Instagram : @vardhangarima

Vikas Singh

Vikas Singh pursuing Ph.D. from one of the pioneer institutes in the field of physical education LNIPE, GWALIOR INDIA.  Specialized in Yoga and Sports Psychology.  He’s working as a Freelance to help people and spread awareness about yoga and health.

Attended dozens of national and international seminars, workshops and presented research articles in international, national seminars and workshops. 

Instagram: Choudhary_yogafit_expo


Since she was a child Flora was always fascinated by the healing powers and taking care of people around her, this passion led her to enter the medical school and become a medical student and soon-to-be doctor! As well as the traditional medical interventions Flora is also a believer in plant-based medicines and complementary treatments like meditation and mindfulness practices. Being a certified and accredited meditation practitioner, Flora has been guiding meditations and practicing since 2016 with an approach that connects medical evidence with modern mindfulness and meditation exercises.   Recently she started her own self-practice yoga journey towards mental and physical health. Flora lives in Brazil with her husband and cat (called Delphine) but often goes to the UK where her husband is from. She’s in her 4th year of medical school and first year of mindfulness course. 
Instagram: @flore.bee 

Zaakiyah Bhikha

Zaakiyah is currently based in Johannesburg and teaches workshops, and classes. She is also the co-founder of Yoga In Colour, which celebrates and empowers the marginalized, diverse community of yoga teachers.

A soft and strong soul at heart, Zaakiyah is known for blending a traditional vinyasa practice with a disciplined, kind twist. She believes yoga is for everybody, and her positive, uplifting energy encourages self-love and exploration on the mat.
Instagram : zaakiyahbhikha

Reené Otto

Reené Otto is a yoga teacher and physiotherapist passionate about sharing the healing and transformative power of yoga. Reené leads creative and accessible Vinyasa flow sessions. With a keen eye for alignment and form, she draws on her medical background to ensure all body types, yoga levels and ages feel comfortable and safe. She believes that we are our own greatest teacher, and mindful movement of the body is a way to connect with our own inherent wisdom.

Sylvia Tay

Dipping in and out of yoga since 2016, she began practicing consistently from the start of 2020 as she started to experience emotional and spiritual enlightenment in practice to balance out to her full time job in Finance. Focusing on fluidity of movement, moving with breath, and the alignment of body with mind, she primarily practices vinyasa flow yoga.

Instagram : @s.tayonthemat


She has been practicing yoga for the past 4 years. In 2015, when she first embarked on her doctoral adventures, life was busy and she was desperately searching for something to balance out her stress levels. And she found YOGA! Yes, Yoga was what fixed her! Do you experience stress too? Come practice yoga with her, let’s get lost on our own body, our own breath, and before you even know it everything that was weighing on you before would disappear 😄 
Instagram : kayg_blog

Alexandra Van Schaik

Vibrant, dynamic and intuitive; vinyasa flow and yin yoga, merging beautifully together. I like to challenge your perceptions and take you on a unique journey of self-enquiry. The ancient knowledge of asana and meditation with a modern, holistic application. 

She’s here to support you  expanding your perspectives, finding your purpose, and to feel confident and content in you
Instagram : @Alexandravanschaik


She’s a yoga enthusiast, teacher and therapist of Ashtanga Yoga since 2014 (E-RYT 200, RYT 500, RPYT (International Yoga Alliance, and Yoga for Cancer specialist, 900 hours from The Yoga Institute)

Yoga is a journey of lifetimes together and blessed are those who have found this path. Her aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and share her knowledge which her Gurus have shared.
Instagram : @Urjayoga

Elisa Crespo

I’m Elisa and I would love to see you on the mat for a strong and fun Vinyasa practise where we will work our whole body as we follow alignment cues and bring awareness to the breath and movement. This will also allow us to create space in the mind by being in the present moment. A well rounded practise where you’ll be covered physically, mentally and energetically. Afterwards you will feel strong and light, relaxed and great! 

I’ve been practising Yoga for 10 years and teaching this wonderful life changing practise for 5 years. It brought me so much that I love being able to share it with the world and help people get to experience it too. Join us! Can’t wait to meet you 🙂 


Ensiven Azarian is dedicated towards the protion of yoga and living with the spirit of joy and healthy mind.
Reiki level 1 & 2
presents herself as Life Coach
Yoga Practitioner & Instructor
Teacher Training Course Organizer

Jayna Bhalla

I am just a regular girl who like to be active (on most days) and stay fit (or at least I try to). I am not a certified instructor, but I have been practicing yoga for almost 4 years now and basis my experience I do share my teensy-tinsy bit of knowledge with people who want to hear :). Very recently I have started taking online classes for a couple of hours a week

Tasha Prabha

“Tasha has been a dancer for 17 years which led her to broaden her interest in music, movement and fitness. She has been a Zumba Instructor for 2 years and recently graduated with a degree in psychology to further pursue my interest in human connection, psyche and wellness. She is also a certified sound healer and a 200hr Hatha yoga instructor who aims to spread healing, love and and a healthy lifestyle”

Misha Mittal

Misha founded Yogathought in 2017 after a decade of practice with an aim to bring a change in society. Yoga has been a strong pillar in developing her personally and professionally. She started the practice of Yoga to heal herself from a long neurological illness. The practice not only cured her in a span of one year but also gradually developed her to excel in all fields of life. Hence, she intends to take this practice to every possible community so that people can experience their hidden superpowers. Over the past three years, Misha has conducted several workshops in the Internationally to achieve this aim. Besides, she works as City planner in Abu Dhabi.


I have done my BSc in yogic science from Dev  Sanskriti University. I have been doing yoga since I was twelve. Yoga have been a very important part of my life. I have been teaching yoga in Dubai from 2017. It has been an amazing experience here , teaching different types of yoga  and with so many nationalities. I take different type of yoga classes but I am expertise especially  in Hatha Yoga. 
Instagram : @yogawithsarab


An experienced Yoga teacher, Lala eloquently merges the sublime ancient wisdom teachings of India with Hatha Yoga postures to create a luxurious yoga session.  The sublime words and ideas in these teachings amplify  the body/mind healing process which is the goal of Yoga.

All things are possible with a dedicated yoga practice and she feels blessed to have witnessed broad healing amongst her students.
Instagram : yogaby.lala

Sara Mandel

Instagram : lightfulyogini2.0

Many more to come.