Why This Program

Much like India, Germany has a varied landscape, comprising sprawling urban industrial cities like Berlin, Dresden and Potsdam, as well as beautifully green countryside such as you will find in the Black Forest or the villages of Lower Saxony.

The tailor-made educational tour to meet particular curriculum requirements, whether that is for a language module, or cross-curricular with another subject.

For Cultural Bridge, We add value in student’s psychological aspects with academic exposure:

The program gives opportunity to understand Engineering excellence Germany has reached over past 100 years.

1. Students will be able to find possibility to pursue Masters in Germany’s best Universities.
2. Program gives opportunity to experience student life in Germany.
3. International Reputation and Rigor of Humboldt University producing thought leaders, Noble Laureates.
4. Understanding the sociopolitical landscape of Germany.
5. The cosmopolitan Berlin which is also the hub of international art and theatre
6. Rising from the ashes of the painful past, Germany welcomes new culture, innovation and technology together.

Tentative Program Schedule for Gateway to Berlin – Engineering and Business.*

Detailed Program : Click here to download
Last Date : 10 July 2022

Orientation about Berlin and Acclimatization
Understanding Berlin Transport System

Introductory Talk @IAAW
– Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein & Dr. Vishnu Ramdeo

“Decoding Development: what development really means.”
– Lecture by Prof. Dr. Boike Rehbein ( Humboldt University)

Lectures at Humboldt University, Berlin

Lecture on “Industry 4.0: Present and future” by Mr. Onkar Ambekar, Head of Data and Advanced Analytics at Bridgestone.

Lecture on “Waste Management- a case study of Delhi”
– Ms. Katharina Paterok, International environment consultant specialising in waste management and resource efficiency.

Visit to Museum Insel and knowing the history of city.

Visit to Wolfsburg the largest automobile factory of the world. To understand how Industry 4.0 works on ground.

Visit to Volkswagen Museum, History of Automobile and Volkswagen.

Visit to Potsdam.

Mobility Lab – Learning 3D Printing and Working on 3D printer.

Visit to Feldheim, Worlds first 100% renewable energy village.

Mobility lab- Laser cutting and working on laser cutting machine

“Possibilities of studies in Germany”

“How and where to apply and How to prepare your application”
– Ex-Students Humboldt University.

“Scholarships and Funding”
– Dr. Christoph Senft former DAAD Honorary Director Pune office.

Visit of Bundesrat of Germany

Visit to Bundestag & Bundestag museum

Post Program Projects

Individual Paper(optional)

You may make a presentation on your personal insights of the program.

Group Presentation

You will be required to present any ideas or insights  from the program that you could possibly integrate in further research or work. You will need to demonstrate how it can be incorporated.

      Please collaborate on:

  • What are the insights you would like to incorporate?
  • How can this best be accomplished?