Feedback from Global Virtual School 2020 – Inequality

I very much enjoyed this GVS Inequality exclusive. I think that the lectures were very informed, the professors very knowledgeable, and the cultural bridge moderators did a great job running the sessions in terms of discussions/Q&A and also the technological aspect of running the sessions via zoom/communicating through WhatsApp. I enjoyed participating with the group and hearing everyone’s thoughts on the topic of inequality and how it relates to their academic pursuits, and I would love to participate in future GVS seminars in the future! Thank you very much…I hope to meet again! – Anonymous

It was well curated program me with a mix of deep understanding on the subject matter followed by relaxing but engaging informal sessions. – Anonymous

It was great to see so many participants and lecturers from different academic backgrounds and countries come together! It gave an interesting insight into the different perspectives on social inequality. – Javiera Bilbao

It was so fun and informative. I feel like everyone was able to find a take away form this whole experience. It was an honor to get to meet so many knowledgeable professors and fellow participants where we were able to share all our our experiences with each other. – Lea Maric

It was great! Especially having the opportunity to talk individually to the professors on the last day. – Louise Baumann

I was blown away by how insightful and fun my GVS experience was. It was the most stimulated and activated I have felt in ages and has kept my mind moving in new directions every day since. The professors, participants, and GVS administrators were all amazingly intelligent and approachable people. I will be thinking about this program until they host another one! Thank you!! – Nina Radakovich

I really enjoyed the structure of having lectures folled by open discussions & break out rooms. – Mathes Rausch

The program was great overall! It allowed me to get a taste of what the GSP program offers which was my biggest goal. – Alden Blatter