Poster and Quiz Competition

The Unity Day on 3rd October, has a great importance in the history of Germany and a significant event in the history of the world. On this day, Germany has set an example of a peaceful resolution for the world. The unification acted as a catalyst for the social, political and economic transformation of Germany and made it a major power in Europe. One of the greatest apostles of unity and peace, Mahatma Gandhi, who used the weapon of civil disobedience against violence in India’s struggle for freedom. It is a great coincidence that the birth anniversary of Gandhi i.e 2nd October, a flagbearer of unity and Unity Day, the human spirit for peaceful change falls the very next day on 3rd October. To celebrate both the occasions, the Cultural Bridge & the Indo-German Young Leaders Forum (IGYLF) is inviting students to explore their creativity and turn some pages of the history book by participating in the following events on 2nd & 3rd October, 2020. 

There is no participation fee at any stage for the school and the students.
The winner in each category will be awarded with e-certificates & memento respectively from Cultural Bridge & IGYLF.
Best Poster will get the chance to feature as Cultural Bridge Program Cover in upcoming event.

  • For Poster Competition

Theme : Peace and Unity
Copyrighted Material are strictly Prohibited.
You can use any of the Image processing tools for Digital Poster.
For Hand-Made : Ideas must be unique related to the theme of the event.

Last date of submission : 1 October 2020

Poster without registration will be disqualified.

  • Virtual Quiz Competition –
    Date of Quiz: 2nd October 2020
    Timing : 3-4 PM

Theme : About the Life of Mahatma Gandhi and his principles & about German unification, fall of the Berlin wall.

There are 3 different age groups for the Quiz competition.

1. Under 12 years : 15 Questions in 20 Minutes. (MCQ)
2. 13 – 16 Years :  20 Questions in 10 minutes. (MCQ)
3. 16 Year Above : 20 Questions in 10 minutes (MCQ) & 1 Descriptive for 5 Minutes : Total 15 Minutes.

Results for Quiz Competition

Umaima Jameel – Position I ( 13-16 Category)
Aditi Verma – Position I ( 9-12 Category)
Rahul Dutta – Position I ( Above 16 Category)

(E-Certificate will be on your mail in a short while)

Results for Poster Competition

Results will be announced soon, As we have received thousands of submission.