Connecting cultures.

Learning from each other.

Growing together.

True to this motto, Cultural Bridge’s mission is to foster cultural exchange. With a particular focus on connecting Germany and India, young people are given the chance of participating in internship programs in order to grow personally and attain intercultural and professional competencies. At the same time, we aim to encourage mutual knowledge transfer, support local communities and the preservation of traditional art forms. We aim to function as a mediator between both cultures, paving the way for young people to access, experience and share each others customs, knowledge and way of life.

In the era of globalisation and interconnectedness, intercultural competence is more needed than ever. Constantly increasing business activities and international contacts – in the professional as well as private realm – ask for adequate ways of interacting with each other, which offers enormous potential for appropriately trained individuals.

As own experience is of utmost importance herein, there is hardly anything more effective than leaving familiar soil and experience foreign living spheres beyond the tourist track for an extended duration of time. Moving out of your own comfort zone and dealing with culture and traditions of a country, helps to better understand and respect other perspectives and reflect on your own culture.

For tolerance, global awareness and responsibility

India is the best example for lived tolerance. With thousands of spoken languages and dialects, a multitude of ethnic and tribal groups and religious affiliations, it is a country like no other in terms of diversity and contrast. No surprise it has come up with the slogan „unity in diversity“. The largest democracy of the world has become a „global player“ in recent years; nontheless it faces drastic challenges – be it in terms of infrastructural shortcomings, high rates of illiteracy, corruption or ecological issues. The need for action is the call of the hour.

At the same time, India’s dazzling cultural legacy and deeply routed traditions are an invaluable source of inspiration and wisdom and waiting to be discovered. Hence, the preservation of local arts and handicrafts is an important duty and one of the prime focal points of our work. Therefore, we have developed designated music, language, and arts & culture internship program tracks.